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Bree Channeling Intuition 

Have you ever felt or heard something in your mind but you discredit it and then it comes true? You think, there’s no way I could have known that, but somewhere deep inside you did know! You did have a feeling but you doubted your intuition cause you haven’t fully embraced your own power?

I have seen this happen too many times by women I’m surrounded by and I love to help them hone into their natural intuition and tap into their unique power. Let's talk about how to recognize it, how to strengthen it, and how to use it in your life to tap into your true power! I believe every one of us has a very strong intuition.  We are a lot more in tune than we think, it just takes a little practice.

intuition | an immediate understanding or knowing something without reasoning (ex. having a feeling about someone before you know them)

I've had many powerful experiences in my life that have strengthened my ability to recognize and rely on my intuition. In fact, I'm pregnant with my fourth (after I was sure I was done) because I was able to recognize a moment I needed to listen. I was able to receive the most beautiful message that not only threw me for a loop but convinced me that this was beautifully in store for my family. 

Bree Family

I couldn't be more grateful that I've learned how to recognize and strengthen the power of my own intuition and I can't wait to teach you how!


You can't hear your inner voice with constant distraction and noise. You have to quiet your mind and listen and you will be surprised how much you hear and how much you are able to connect with yourself. The more you listen to your self and your promptings, the stronger they become.

A lot of people get intimidated by mediation but its just sitting in silence and quieting your mind so don’t overcomplicate it. Find a format that works for you! Sometimes I'll have a question I want to ask and I sit and ponder the question and an answer will come to me. 

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Nature is where I hear a lot of my answers as well, not wearing headphones. I give myself time to just be, to listen and be still in nature. I love to do my energy circles at the top of the mountain after my hike and just fill myself up with positivity. Our bodies resonate with the power and energy of the earth, use it to ground yourself!

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You have to practice honing into your initiation. It's like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets! When you make decisions, take a minute and pause and try to see if you can tell how you feel first. Do you feel light and peaceful or do you feel heavy with a pit in your stomach?

For example when you are in a room full of people, try to tap into people and see if you can feel their energy, or what they are like. I love doing this when I meet people! I can tell if they have had a hard day, or if they need some extra love or if they are super happy, etc. I try to tap into who they are and it's a fun way to practice your intuition. 

Meeting People 


Here's the hard part: You can't second guess yourself. A lot of people struggle with this because they will have thoughts in their head and discredit them and then they come true. So how do you know if it’s really your thoughts and intuition? 

Ask. Simply sit and ask “Was this my gut telling me something?”

The more you see the power in your own intuition, the more you can use it in your life to help you make decisions and trust yourself. If you liked this article, make sure you listen to the full podcast. I share some special moments that have changed lives!

I can't wait to see what message you receive! It’s easier than you think to tap into your intuition and you don’t have to have some special gift to do it. You simply have to trust yourself and practice.

XOXO, Bree

I'm a mom of 3 (+ 1 on the way) and have been a certified personal trainer with specialties in pre- and postnatal fitness for 13 years. I'm also a certified nutrition specialist and certified meditation and mindfulness coach.

I am passionate about helping women change their lifestyles to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and I've seen it happen for thousands of women.

I'm glad you're here!


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