A new approach to women's wellness.

CEO & Founder

"I promise, by making health and fitness a priority, you are investing in yourself and it will better every aspect of your life! I don’t believe that depriving yourself, eliminating food groups or practicing crazy restrictive diets will ever be the way to create lasting change or balance in your life. I believe fitness should be fun and working towards your goals should feel good!"

BreeAnna Cox is an expert in the field of holistic women's wellness and has been helping women transform their lives for over 14 years. As a wife and mother of four she knows the struggle to find time for yourself when balancing a career and family life. Her goal is to help you feel empowered through healthy, sustainable habits. When you love your program and you feel satisfied and strong, you’ll stick to it!

Bree is certified as a
• Personal Trainer with specialties in pre- and postnatal fitness
• Nutrition Specialist
• Mindfulness & Meditation Coach
• Behavioral Change Strategies Coach

Our Story

Years of experience with thousands of clients highlighted the need for a sustainable approach to women's wellness. Too many women were frustrated with "quick fix diets" and over-the-top extreme workout structures as their only options to be "healthy". 

BodyByBree has carefully crafted training programs that support and train all aspects of women's health - movement, nutrition, and mindset. Inspired by the community we serve, our education extends far past the basic fitness routines and includes proven methods to retrain habits and behavior systems and reinforce sustainable healthy lifestyle practices. 

BodyByBree makes it possible to look your best, feel your best, and become your best self. What are you waiting for?

Our mission

Our mission is to empower women to change their lives through health and fitness, from the inside out.


Gain the confidence you get with an app that maximizes your workout time and makes it easy to track progress. Workouts are structured with demonstrations for each move and messaging directly in the app.


We offer all the tools to help you start fueling your body - customized macro counts, 7 day meal plans, family friendly Nourish cookbooks, and clean, effective supplements formulated to enhance your overall health and support your goals.


A healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind. Meditation and mindfulness practices support the mental health and shift needed for lasting change and growth.


Learn to create a sense of trust with our team and yourself. Honesty during your health journey helps take that next step to rooting out struggles and finding solutions that work!


Experience the support that comes from a community made up of women that have been where you are and found success! You belong here.

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