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You might be surprised to hear that your mental and physical health thrive off of one another. If you want to improve your overall well-being, this 30-day gratitude challenge might be the answer for you. Let’s talk about an easy way you can incorporate thankfulness into your daily life and how you can use it to make an impact in your overall wellness journey.

Did You Know That Gratitude Can Improve Your Physical Health? Here’s How!

Your gut health has a connection with your brain referred to as the gut-brain connection, and it is very unique. If you’ve ever felt “sick to your stomach” over a situation, or felt “butterflies” then you have felt the results of the gut-brain connection! 

Your gut microbiome thrives off of positive emotions, and one of the fastest ways to shift your state of mind is through gratitude. Practicing and feeling deep gratitude will put you in a positive mindset which will send those signals to your gut.

Gratitude has been shown to:

  • Improve your sleep quality, allowing for more restful nights
  • Enhance empathy and reduce aggression
  • Decrease depression and anxiety

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Want To Experience A Deeper Connection to Gratitude? Keep Reading!

One simple but fun way to experience more gratitude in your life is to keep a gratitude jar. Your jar can be as simple as a shoe box you have laying around, a big mason jar, or your favorite decorative vase. Just take a few minutes everyday to write down 3 things that you are grateful for, and don’t forget to stop to soak up all of the positive feelings.

If you want to make sure you stick with it, try incorporating this habit into your morning or evening routine! That jar will slowly begin to fill up and help you see all the things you have to be thankful for in your life. 

This is a great tool to utilize if you’re having a hard day and need a little positivity. Reach into your jar and remind yourself of everything you have to be thankful for. As you begin to focus your attention on the specific things that you are grateful for, you will find it easier to be thankful for even the little things in life.

Pro tip: If you want to take this gratitude challenge to the next level and transform your mental health and overall well being, I suggest asking someone in your life that you love and trust (best friend, spouse, or a family member) to hold you accountable, or maybe to even join you!

Okay are you ready? Let’s get started!

Day 1. Get Your Gratitude Jar Ready. Choose your gratitude jar, and set it in a place where you will easily see it so that you can watch it grow. Write down 3 things you are grateful for and WHY. Remember you will do this task every day.

Day 2. Try to Stop Complaining. We all feel frustrated sometimes, but if you linger there too long, it can really affect your overall mood. Be intentional. Every time you catch yourself complaining today, remember to focus on a blessing.

Day 3. Visit Your Favorite Area In Your Home. Spend some time there appreciating that space.

Day 4. Appreciate Your People. Grab A Pen & Paper, and write a thank you note to 3 people who have impacted your life. Put your notes in the mail. YES, I’m talking about snail mail. Seal up those envelopes like the good ole’ days. The people receiving these cards will feel so appreciated that you took your time to send them a real thank you card. Imagine how you will feel after completing this task.

Day 5. Appreciate Food. Eat a nutritious breakfast. This will start your day off on the right foot. Pay attention to the way it tastes, and the way it makes you feel. How thankful are you to have this great meal for yourself?
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Day 6. Reflect on Your Favorite Part Of Your Day. What was the best part of your day? Take a minute to think about it before bed, and go to sleep happy!

Day 7. Appreciate Yourself. Spend some time in the mirror and notice something positive about your body. Reflect and feel proud of who you are. You need love and encouragement too!

Day 8. Turn Up The Music. What is your favorite song? Play that song as you get ready in the morning or as you’re driving in the car, and enjoy the instant mood booster.

Day 9. Donate. Give away 3 or more items you don’t use anymore. Thank them for the purpose they served you.

Day 10. Appreciate Change. What change in your life are you most grateful for? Remember how far you’ve come.

Day 11. Reconnect. Reach out to a friend today and catch up. Remind them that you’re thankful for their friendship.

Day 12. Appreciate Your Favorite Hobby. Find some time today for a hobby you love, even if it’s only 10 minutes.

Day 13. Spread Love. Leave a note of encouragement in a public place.

Day 14. Treat yourself. What food are you most thankful for? Enjoy your favorite food today.
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Day 15. Spread Kindness. Do something kind. If you’re able to, leave a bigger tip, hold the door for the person behind you, or simply give a smile to a stranger. You’ll be surprised how much that smile will brighten their day. Spend some time reflecting on gratitude for the kindness you’ve received from others that have impacted your life.

Day 16. Be Proud- What is something you’ve accomplished today? Be grateful for your progress!

Day 17. Personal Development- Read 10 minutes of personal development online or from a recommended book. How does it feel to learn new things? Reflect on gratitude for finding new solutions to your problems.
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Day 18. Healthy Habits- What daily habits are you thankful for? Spend some time connecting with your body, and express gratitude for all that it does for you.

Day 19. Leave A Positive Review- Have you had a really great experience at a business lately? Leave them a positive review and express gratitude for their service.

Day 20.  Pat On The Back- Give someone a compliment today.

Day 21. Weekly Reflection- What moment in the past week are you most thankful for? Take a few minutes to reflect on why.
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Day 22. Sweat It Out- What exercise are you most thankful you can do? Great, now do it!
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Day 23. Self Care-Spend some time taking care of yourself today. Take a bath, stretch, or go for a walk. Do what your body or soul needs most and thank yourself for all of the hard work you’ve been doing.

Day 24. Holiday Countdown- What is your favorite holiday? Start a countdown to that day.

Day 25. Help Someone You Love- Do a chore your partner or loved one would normally do. Show your appreciation for them with an act of service. Trust me, they will notice.

Day 26. Get Outdoors- Spend some time outside today. Breath in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty around you.

Day 27. Share Positivity- Share a story about something you’re grateful for on social media or to a close friend! Tag me @bodybybreefitness, I love to see them!

Day 28. Time To Pick Up The Phone- Call your parents or grandparents, catch up and ask them about their day. Tell them you love them and what you’re most grateful for about them.

Day 29. Brag About Yourself- What is one personality trait you’re thankful for? Spend some time building yourself up.

Day 30. Positive Affirmations- Write some positive affirmations that will help you stay in a grateful and positive mindset.
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Keep Up The Good Work!

Gratitude is more than just a feeling; it’s a practice. And like all things the more you do it the better you become at it. The next time you find yourself feeling low or stressed I encourage you to come back to this challenge, look at your gratitude jar and remind yourself how much you have to be thankful for. Take a few extra moments and remember all the good in your life. By taking the time to experience gratitude more deeply, you'll not only improve your own well-being, but also that of those around you. 

XOXO, Bree

I'm a mom of 3 (+ 1 on the way) and have been a certified personal trainer with specialties in pre- and postnatal fitness for 13 years. I'm also a certified nutrition specialist and certified meditation and mindfulness coach.

I am passionate about helping women change their lifestyles to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and I've seen it happen for thousands of women.

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