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Some people who come to me for help on their fitness journey think of health as purely physical. But I’m a big believer in prioritizing mindfulness and mental health alongside your physical health, even though it can be hard to find the time and discipline every day. 

The truth is, there are a ton of ways to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life, and it doesn’t have to be some big thing. Sometimes, my family and I go on nature walks. Other times, we meditate together. But recently, I’ve been wanting to journal more. 

If you’re in the same boat, you can either do a 30-day challenge and answer one of the questions below per day in your journal, or you can take it more slowly and only do a couple a week. 

Whether you spread out these prompts or do them all at once, it’s important to practice gratitude, even if it means taking five minutes to answer these questions in the Notes app on your phone in the school pickup line, when you wake up in the morning, or before your next work meeting. 

Don’t forget to check in with yourself as you move through this journal challenge. These questions may bring up some heavy feelings for you, so breathe deeply, lean into the people you love, and move your body! 


  1. Three things that brought a smile to my face today were...
  2. Describe a person who had a positive impact on your week and why you're grateful for them.
  3. Go outside and find three things in nature that you're grateful for. Then write about them.
  4. Write about a recent experience you're grateful for and why it was meaningful.
  5. List five qualities or strengths you possess that you're grateful for.
  6. Reflect on a challenge or difficulty you faced today or this week and list something positive that came from it.
  7. Write about a specific place that holds happy memories for you.
  8. Describe a favorite book, movie, or piece of art and explain what it makes you feel.
  9. What is something you often take for granted that you're thankful for when you stop and think about it? Big or small.
  10. List three people in your life you're thankful for and write a brief note to each of them. You can keep it to yourself or give it to them if it feels too personal to share at the moment.
  11. Think about a simple pleasure you enjoyed today, like a cup of tea or a walk, and write a short poem about it. (Do your best! Don’t think too hard about it.)
  12. What are some things about your body and health you're grateful for?
  13. Write about a skill or talent you have that brings you joy and why you appreciate it.
  14. Reflect on a past mistake or setback and share the lessons you learned from it.
  15. What are three things in your home that make your life easier or more enjoyable, and why are you thankful for them?
  16. Write about a teacher or mentor who has influenced your life and what you've learned from them.
  17. What's a goal or dream you're working toward, and why are you grateful for the opportunity to pursue it?
  18. Think about a meal you recently enjoyed and express gratitude for the food and the people you shared it with.
  19. Write about a time when a stranger showed you kindness. 
  20. What are three things that always make you laugh or bring you joy, and why are you thankful for them?
  21. Reflect on a recent accomplishment, no matter how small.
  22. What are some cultural or historical events you're thankful for, and why do they hold significance for you?
  23. Share three things you’ve grown to like about your body.
  24. Describe a specific scent, taste, or sound you're grateful for and how it evokes positive memories or emotions.
  25. Think about a family tradition or ritual that brings you joy and express gratitude for the connections it fosters.
  26. List three technologies or modern conveniences that make your life easier and more enjoyable and explain why you're thankful for them.
  27. Write about a time you overcame a fear or faced a challenge head-on this week, and express gratitude for your resilience.
  28. Consider your favorite season and write about what you love about it.
  29. Describe a random act of kindness you performed for someone else and how it made you feel grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.
  30. Reflect on the ways you've grown or changed in the past year, and express gratitude for your personal development and self-improvement.

My 30 Day Gratitude Journal

XOXO, Bree

I'm a mom of 4 and have been a certified personal trainer with specialties in pre- and postnatal fitness for 13 years. I'm also a certified nutrition specialist and certified meditation and mindfulness coach.

I am passionate about helping women change their lifestyles to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and I've seen it happen for thousands of women.

I'm glad you're here!


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