June 3 - July 28

  • 8 Weeks of New Workouts
  • FREE Macro Count
  • Podcasts each week to help you develop a sustainable morning routine
  • Weekly prizes you don't want to miss

Any returning client can join. The BodyByBree community makes summers fun and motivating!

It's a challenge made for YOU for NOW! Establish manageable best practices for your morning during the summer when you have a little more flex to your mornings and can really let the habits sink in. 

THIS IS FOR YOU if you are ready to

create a consistent morning that teaches you how to wake up, not when to wake up

start moving forward in your life, one day at a time, with productivity and purpose

take a step-by-step approach to create your own morning that allows you to be your best self every day - rise & thrive!

become the "morning person" you never thought you could be

keeps working for you in any circumstance

This isn't for you if you want to

be told you need to get up at 5am (or earlier!) to have a successful day

let exhaustion and procrastination continue to rule your day, and ultimately your life

stay stuck in the mindset that "mornings aren't for you"