If you are currently a BodyByBree continuation client, CLICK HERE to email me to get set up!

Training will begin the Monday following your purchase and run consecutively for 12 months. If you are currently on an 8 week program your 12 months will begin immediately following your 8 week program. Current clients please email me BEFORE PURCHASING to get set up with the sale price without stopping your current plan.

  • $300 for 12 months
  • New workouts every 2 weeks
  • New phases every few weeks including Original, Lean Out, and Building to keep workouts fun and your progress going
  • Bi-weekly self-evaluations to evaluate progress and processes 
  • Monthly self-evaluate progress photos
  • Weekly mindfulness focus with corresponding weekly challenge to support personal growth and behavioral change
  • Exclusive continuation challenges that focus on strength and personal growth
  • Milestone rewards at 3, 6, and 12 months to celebrate your commitment
  • Access to the BBB Babes Community support chat
  • Motivating and educational messages from BodyByBree with 1-way communication

As we want to help you learn how to make this a lifestyle and reach your long term goals, after your start date, there will be no refunds or pauses. Illnesses, vacations, lack of participation or short term injuries are road bumps and we will help you work through them! We can rearrange your calendar, change your workout type (Gym to Home, change to pregnancy or to postpartum etc) and have you repeat phases though!

*The only time a pause will be allowed is for the following:
1- You, your spouse or child are hospitalized.
2- You have an injury where a physician tells you to stop all physical activity for six+ weeks.
3- There is a death. 

If a pause is needed you must notify BodyByBree before the end of your Year of Health program.

Frequently Asked Questions