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8 Week Training Program Includes: 
  • Four phases over an 8 week period to bring your abs back together.
  • Exercise modifications to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. 
  • Postpartum video series providing information on how to prevent injury. 
  • Option of gym or home workouts.
  • 24/7 access to the BodyByBree App accessing daily workouts.
  • 7 days of educational videos to start the program with confidence.

7 Day Customized Meal Plan Includes:

  • Customized macro count according to your height, weight, age, body type and overall goals.
  • Meal Plan allergy options: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian.
  • Comprehensive breakdown of what to eat for every meal and snack including macro totals.
  • Recipes that match your macros.
  • $50/month renewal option to continue training with me month-to-month after the challenge ends. Includes four weeks of workouts, and continued support and new workouts. 

**PLEASE NOTE** The $195 program will not include any messaging or accountability check-ins. If you have technical issues with the app, email me directly at bree@bodybybree.com.  You will submit progress pictures through the app as it's outlined in your calendar in the app. 

*Purchasing the 8 Week Program now, will enter you into the #bbb2020challenge beginning in January.  

*This program can be redeemed through December of 2020. It you are wanting to redeem at a later point, no problem! However, it is the client's responsibility to contact the BBB Team via email (bree@bodybybree.com) for further instruction.