Episode 59: Navigating Pornography Addiction

This week Bree is talking with Corrine Stokoe about navigating pornography addiction when it afflicts someone you love.

Corrine is a mom of three little girls and a baby boy and is married to and works alongside her soulmate and best friend Neil who despite his love for Creed (yes the 90s band) and affinity for affliction tee shirts, she is deeply in love with. Read their real-life story of overcoming adversity together here.

Corrine has a passion for hunting down deals. The problem is that hunting down deals takes lots of time and lots of work. Between family, community, careers or a crazy mixture of all of the above – women today find it increasingly difficult to find moments for the little things that enrich their lives. That’s where Corinne and her team come in. They take the time to find every secret sale, hot deal and too-good-to-believe-it discount. Each featured item is part of a well-curated collection designed to infuse your life with savings and style

Corrine's greatest passion in life is her belief in Jesus Christ and sharing that anytime she can. 

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