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If you're sick of losing the weight and gaining it back, we're here to help you break out of the yo-yo dieting loop forever.






"When I first started my journey with BodyByBree 6 months ago, I could barely even do 2 lunges and couldn’t even finish a modified burpee! I was depressed about my body and had lost hope. I wanted to be a fun mom and keep up with them. I really had to focus on healing my relationship with food like binge eating, and completely trust the process. I learned to stop shaming myself. I learned to listen and respect my body more fully. BBB taught me it’s more than just the scale." Katie G.

1.png__PID:d596131e-5512-4fdf-a75d-1785209db268KATIE'S STORY

Real results eating 200g carbs and 2000 calories
8 Week Results

 Enjoy carbs and eat more calories 

Eat carbs and
enjoy more calories

Finding balance in your health includes nutrition and let's be honest, that's usually the hardest part. As women we typically undereat or don't know which foods to eat to reach our goals and fuel ourselves with the energy we need throughout the day. Feeling fatigued makes it that much harder to stay commited and excited about your progress and systems and we want to make sure your energy levels are supporting your day-to-day lifestyle. 

Learning about macros is a game-changer in understanding how a healthy lifestyle can be sustainable for the longterm - not just a fad or temporary diet.  Stop restricting and start living!  Having a customized macro count for your body that takes into account your eating history, your goals, and your lifestyle helps our clients feel comfortable expanding their wellness journey into the kitchen. 

If you are unfamiliar with macros, you'll quickly learn the science behind their success, plus all my top tips and tricks. As you're learning to incorporate all the foods you already love into your macros you can use the seven days of planned meals that align with your custom macros to transition and become more confident supporting your goals in the kitchen.

"I was extremely nervous to eat that many calories. My doctor suggested I try a diet pill to help suppress my appetite. I went to 1500 calories and was still doing an hour+ of cardio. I lost weight but I had been exhausted. My anxiety skyrocketed because of the medicine. I needed to nap every day and had little energy to play with my boys. I honestly felt worse than when I was heavier. These past 8 weeks have been life changing. When I took my first progress pictures I still weighed 2 lbs heavier than when I started but I was shocked! I knew my body was changing and becoming healthier! I could see it and more importantly feel it! For the first time in 30 years I feel love for myself. I am proud of myself. I am healthier AND have the energy to run around with my energetic boys. My life is changed for the better after these last 8 weeks!" Alicia P.

2.png__PID:96131e55-125f-4fa7-9d17-85209db268daALICIA'S STORY

Learn to love yourself and feel your best
8 Week Results

 Don't gain the weight back this time 

You can keep the
weight off this time

BodyByBree was created to support women in their journey towards wellness through fitness, nutrition, and mindset. The challenges of every day life can easily slip in and knock you off track if you aren't learning how to make your new practices permanent. We use proven strategies to  prioritize and support your mental health.  Finding stillness and the space to expand your mind and heart is essential to personal development.

We teach you how to meditate - how to practice daily moments of peace and reflection to create a foundational cornerstone for your growth. Shortcut finding what works for you with our unique approach specific for your personality type. 

Our community of clients and expert trainers hosts a culture of inclusion, assistance, enthusiasm, and connection.  You don't have to figure it out on your own!  You're part of a community that cheers you on, helps you work through hurdles, and celebrates your wins.

"I have been a cardio junky thinking I needed to do more to lose weight, when in fact you just need to understand how your body works. She helps teach you that. Definitely recommend to reset your body, mind and soul! Learning to know how to eat for my body and what my body needs has been life changing. I feel educated and more confident in my choices knowing how to fuel my body with what it needs." Autumn Y.

3.png__PID:131e5512-5fdf-475d-9785-209db268dabaAUTUMN'S STORY

8 weeks of lifting weights after years of cardio
8 Week Results

 Why hours of cardio won't get you toned 

Why hurs of cardio
won't get you toned

Lots on time spent on cardio means a smaller version of the build you already have. This leads to the "skinny fat" or "soft". You can lose the weight but your body won't look much different.l If you are looking to tone and  sculpt your body  your focus has to be on muscle and lifting!

You may burn more calories in a cardio session but your body will  burn more calories at rest  the more muscle you have. The goal is to have more muscle - it makes you leaner, tighters and gives you a faster, healthier metabolism.

 The body you want is on the other side of muscle!  Trust the process and remember that it takes a lot longer than you think to build muscle. Don't worry about becoming "bulky." When your macros are on track you will just keep getting leaner and tighter.

I'd love to show you how! 



When you're ready, there's so much more waiting for you!

Curious about everything else that's included? Learn more about BodyByBree programs and feel free to email us with any questions. We'd love to hear from you!

It’s so easy to get stuck in old fitness and nutrition habits. We're busy with home and work, busy with kids, and it's easy to forget about ourselves. We know we're missing something but the journey back to where we were seems impossible.  Where do I start?  You don't have time to research and plan your fitness on top of everything else. What we all need is a plan but you have to love it or you won't stick with it and not knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

The BodyByBree app keeps everything you need at your fingertips and begins with a full week of education on your schedule before you even start a workout! Making sure you understand the why behind our process and your motivation is pivotal when beginning your wellness journey because it makes sure you have the resources you need. We teach you why we do what we do and how to create habits to sustain a realistic healthy lifestyle that will  enhance your life  rather than restrict it.

I want to show my clients that their mental health and how they view themselves is even more important than the physcial results. It’s not about the scale, it’s about those daily mental wins and feeling like yourself again and building that confidence, that’s what it’s all about. You will see results and it’s going to feel amazing, not only physcially but also mentally and that’s when the real change happens.

If you're ready to experience the foundations of BodyByBree programs, try our no risk two week free trial. It can feel intimidating to start a new fitness plan but this gives you the time to familiarize yourself with the workout structure and practice on the app before you get started on a program. 

Thousands of women just like you have found empowerment, healing, and success in a our holistic method that was created to  strengthen you from the inside out. 

I can’t believe the results.

I never thought having definition in my stomach was possible after 4 kids. The strength I’ve gained and overall self-confidence is amazing. I can’t say it enough. Thank you.

So much more.

BodyByBree focuses on why people normally do not stick with a program. There is nothing better than when your 18 year old comments on how happy I am and how good I look. I feel amazing!

Life changing.

Each time I have done something that I previously told myself I couldn’t, my self worth has skyrocketed… Anytime I wanted to give up I would remember not only my physical wins but mental wins. I know it has set me up for success for the rest of my life!

Lasting change.

The mindful moments are important and something not often included in a workout program. That’s the difference here - she’s helping make a life change, not just changing your physical body. 

This has changed me.

It has made me stronger mentally and physically. It has given me confidence that my body can also heal and do amazing things! I am so happy for myself and my life. I love that I’m fueling my body better and I have more mental clarity. I could not have done it without this program.

I am so proud of myself.

My biggest transformation has to be my mental state. I am now confident. I am proud. I am looking at myself as a fighter and strong rather than a failure and waste of space. I am showing up for myself in ways I didn’t think I could anymore.

A drastic change.

I have so much more energy, I am having fun again, I feel fit, I have the energy to play with my son. I finally have a strong relationship with my nutrition again. I was able to stay very consistent while feeling satisfied.

Changed my life.

I love that your program is healing relationships with bodies from the inside out.

Get fit

Equipment Needed if You Select Home Workouts

  • One medium free weight (5lb-15lb). weight set that is challenging for you.
  • A bench is also great but not required. You could use something else like a piano bench, stair, sturdy chair etc.
  • Some moves include a yoga ball, disc sliders and booty bands to add variety and enhance the moves. You can find my favorite fitness equipment and accessories HERE. Grab yours now!
  • If you do not want to get the disc sliders or booty bands that is okay too, I have modifications listed.