Episode 43: Listen to Your Gut

Today's episode is all about gut health. Bree is talking with Juanique Roney aka "Gutsy Mom". Back in 2016 when she was 20 weeks pregnant, Juanique's husband, Tristin, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  After a year of endless surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatment, they were told by the oncologist that Tristin had 2 years to live. This ignited a fire in Juanique who was determined to not give up. 

She then, along with her husband, became a health revolutionary and expert on several aspects of illness. Juanique became so passionate about how the health and medical care system had failed them that she created a health and wellness clinic and took her mission online to teach women and mothers everywhere that they are their own best health advocate and that fighting for one's health isn’t only necessary in our culture but everyone is entitled to it. Especially those who don’t have medical degrees.

Juanique now runs her Provo Health wellness clinic as the owner and as a wellness coach, owns her own CBD line, essential oil line, has a wellness membership and hosts the Gutsy Health Podcast which is consistently in the top 50 apple podcast charts in the Health and wellness categories. She also has her own book called “How to Heal”, educates over 40 thousand people on her instagram platform daily about the importance of health and wellness and how we can heal ourselves through nutrition, supplementation, stress management and radical self love.

To find out more about Juanique, follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gutsy_mom/ or go to her website https://www.mygutsyhealth.com/