Episode 38: How To Be a Boss

This week Bree is sitting down with Camille Walker to talk about how to run a business while being a mom and finding your passion to be a boss.

Camille is the founder of MyMommyStyle.com, a lifestyle and parenting blog that she has been running for almost a decade full of parenting tips, recipes, and household hacks. Through running My Mommy Style, Camille realized she had a passion for business and championing women, and she started consulting women on how to find their passion and creativity, while balancing motherhood and being their own boss.

Camille is also the host of the podcast, Call me CEO, which provides encouragement, practical tools and inspiration to help mothers discover their purpose and control their income.

Find out more about Camille at www.callmeceopodcast.com and www.mymommystyle.com, as well as find her on Instagram! @mymommystyle @callmeceopodcast