Episode 120: Why Your Kid Doesn't Like You

Have you ever faced the chaos of parenting and felt like you were just winging it? Meet Sean Donahue, the family coach who went from struggling young dad to child psychology sage. His journey reminds us that the path to creating strong familial bonds is paved with patience, understanding, and a little bit of expert advice. He joins us to share his wealth of knowledge about nurturing the relationships that mean the most, advising on everything from emotional regulation to building trust with our little ones.

Our candid conversation peels back the layers of reactionary parenting, shining a light on the importance of maintaining a coaching mindset amidst the whirlwind of raising children. We discuss the delicate balance of teaching and learning within the home, the "school" where life's most crucial skills are imparted. Sean's insights offer a fresh perspective on the challenges we face as parents, reminding us that every interaction with our children has the power to shape their emotional intelligence and resilience.

Join us on this enlightening exploration of parenting practices that promise to not only strengthen your family ties but also craft the future of relationships and identity in our youngest generation.

Sean Donohue is a globally know Family Coach and hosts The SeanDonohue Show Podcast, one of the top 10 parenting podcasts in the world. A viral media sensation with videos and teachings enjoyed by tens of millions, Sean has helped countless parents transform their parenting, build strong, healthy homes...and raise amazing adults.

You can find Sean on
Instagram @the.familycoach
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