Episode 118: Codependency: A Journey Through Healing

Have you ever felt like your happiness is handcuffed to the emotional rollercoaster of someone you love? This poignant question lies at the heart of our latest podcast episode, where my friend Corinne Stokoe opens up about her intimate struggles with codependency in the shadow of her husband's addiction. Together, we tackle the complex dance of emotions, expectations, and the hard-won realization that our joy shouldn't be anchored to another's actions.

After studying codependency in-depth for the past 13 years, attending outpatient rehab for codependency, worked the 12-steps for codependency and sponsored people for many years in their codependency journey, Corrine created an online bootcamp that would quickly teach someone the basics of breaking free from codependency. She calls this the Becoming Codafree Bootcamp and also teaches seminars topics like on self love, sustainable self confidence and codafree motherhood.

Find more information about CodaFree at codafree.org and use code BREE10 to save 10% on CodaFree Coaching.

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