Episode 109: How Neurofeedback Saved My Child with ADHD with Dr. Licata

Bree's own journey from a concerned parent to a witness of the incredible transformation neurofeedback can bring sets the stage for an insightful discussion with Dr. Licata, a visionary in the realm of applied neuroscience.  Dr. Licata illuminates the science behind neurofeedback, articulating how it can reshape the brain's activity to restore focus and balance. 

Dr. Giancarlo Licata DC, qEEG-D, is the founder and director of Vital Brain Health and Vital Brain Skills in Pasadena, CA.

Dr. Licata specializes in Functional Brain Imaging and Evidence-based Neurofeedback for students and professionals with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Health Goals. His expertise in EEG, 3D qEEG, ERP, and applied neuroscience allows him to establish one of the leading neurofeedback centers in the US.

Dr. Licata also educates families and health professionals on Brain Health, the Neuroscience of Autism, and the Neuroscience of ADHD.

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